Founded by Soror Sha’ Givens, a member of Inglewood Alumnae Chapter in the Farwest Region, I Can Fly International is a U.S. based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to serving youth living within impoverished villages throughout Kenya. Since the youth initiative began, the organization has been able to provide quality education, shelter, meals, life skills and enrichment activities to scores of children rescued from female genital mutilation, early marriage, sex trade, child labor and extreme poverty.

I Can Fly High School is a private secondary institution registered under the Ministry of Education in Kenya. It is located in a rural area called Makakoi Village, which is one hour east of the nation's capital city, Nairobi. The school was founded in 2008 for the sole purpose of offering quality, free and subsidized education to poverty-stricken children who normally could not afford to attend secondary school. Since its inception, I Can Fly High School has been successful in providing hundreds of students a quality education during economic hardships and those locked out of educational opportunities because of cultural traditions that prevent girls from learning.

The Butterfly Project, launched in 2012, offers free education to vulnerable girls from five distinct counties in Kenya. Most of the girls come from small, rural villages where water, food and other basic needs are scarce due to unemployment and drought. The Butterfly girls live on the I Can Fly school campus in the Butterfly House. The Butterfly Houses are equipped with beds, modern amenities and living room space. Three meals per day, 24-hour security, transportation and enrichment activities are also provided.



 In recognition of the many girls whose lives have been transformed by the ongoing efforts of The Butterfly Project, sponsorship levels are aligned with the four development and transformation stages of the butterfly. 



Soror Givens has identified the specific needs for I Can Fly High School. Donations may be directed to a specific need, if preferred.

I Can Fly High School has a donor offering to give a matching donation of $65,000 for the following projects:

  • Classrooms - $8,000 per classroom: Additional 8 classrooms needed.
  • Butterfly House Dormitory - $30,000: Includes building materials and construction of the dormitory.
  • School Bus - $38,000: Remainder of the cost for a school bus ($51,000) to replace the current bus that is beyond repair.

Additional needs are as follows:

  • Uniform Package - $50: Includes a T-Shirt, Dress Shirt, Sweater and Pants (1 pair).▪Sponsorship for A Child - $68 per month or $800 per year: Includes tuition, meals, boarding fees, basic medical care, and enrichment activities.
  • Perimeter Wall - $10,000: Completion of the security wall around the school campus.
  • Water Well - $1,500 annually: Maintenance of the water well (donated by DST).
  • Higher Education - $1,500 per student: Scholarships needed for 16 of the 20 eligible students.
  • Hygiene Kit - $30: Includes panties (2 pairs), deodorant, soap, towel, lotion, toothbrush, and toothpaste.
  • School Books - $100 per student: Includes textbook for Biology, Chemistry, Christian Religion Education, English, History, Math, Physics, and Swahili.
  • School Meals - $120 annually per student: Includes 3 meals per day. 



Sorors, we heard you!  In response, our team has streamlined the donation process.  Thanks in part to the new online giving platform for icanflyinternational.org, we are pleased to provide an online donation option!  We trust that this donation process improvement will be the extra motivation needed to support the Farwest Region’s I Can Fly Butterfly Campaign and contribute to its successful outcome.


  • All members of the Farwest Region are asked to donate a minimum of $22.
  • Once you have completed the transaction, you will receive an automated email receipt, which can be used for your tax records as well as for your company’s matching funds program.
  • Donations will be applied to the I Can Fly High School initiatives as needed, including classrooms, dormitory, and transportation (bus). 
  • Donations will count toward the $65,000 matching donation offer.
  •  The option of collecting chapter member donations and submitting a chapter check is still available.  This option is applicable for chapter members only if they do not want a tax-deductible receipt or have a company matching funds program.  Chapter Presidents should follow the instructions provided below. 


       An additional payment option of collecting funds from chapter members and submitting a chapter check is available. This option is applicable for sorors only if they do not want a tax-deductible acknowledgement letter/receipt or have a company matching funds program.

  • Instructions for Chapter Presidents submitting a chapter check as the payment option are as follows:
  • The online Donation Pledge Form must be completed and submitted by the chapter president or her designee. This is the tracking mechanism for the Farwest Region.
  • Additionally, it will identify that the donation is for the Farwest Region project and ensure that National Headquarters Finance Department staff apply the funds as intended. Without the form, the chapter check may be mistaken as the chapter's donation supporting the National International Awareness and Involvement Sustainability Plan.
  • Donor Information Section: In the 'Name of Chapter' field, enter 'Chapter Member
  • Donations for [Add chapter name]'. The rest of the donor information is required and can be information for the chapter president or her designee.
  • Sponsorship Levels Section: In the 'One Time Donation Amount' field, enter the total amount collected that will be submitted. No other information is required. Donations will be applied to meet the donor's matching donation offer unless otherwise specified.
  • Payment Information Section: No entry is needed.
  • Before clicking 'Submit', print the Donation Pledge Form (with the information specified above), attach it to the chapter check, and send to:

 Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

Attn: Finance Department,

 IAI Sustainability Fund/I CAN FLY

1707 New Hampshire Ave., NW

Washington, D.C. 20009

  • Send the list of sorors that made donations to: farwestppd@gmail.com. A copy of the Financial Secretary's receipt log may be used for this purpose.  For any questions or concerns, you may contact: Soror Gwen Coley at farwestppd@gmail.com