Learn about the Butterfly Project

I Can Fly International


 The Butterfly Project, launched in 2012, offers free education to vulnerable girls from five distinct counties in Kenya. 

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Charitable Giving


See the calendar of charitable giving projects you can do with your chapter 

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World AIDS Day


What program will your chapter host to honor World AIDS Day?

National & Regional Awards

The chapters and sorors of the Farwest continue to be fierce, faithful, and fabulous and they have the accolades to prove it. We are so proud of all the awards the Farwest received at the 54th National Convention.

Program Planning and Development Team

Gwendolyn Coley, Coordinator

Tami Bass

Ellen Brown

Naeemah Campbell

Tyanne Evans

Donna Gaddy

Dierdre Gay

Lavena Holmes

Kimberly Johnson

Esther Langston

Frances Lewis

Carliss McGhee

Cherise Moore

LaShawn Moore

Marion Murphy

Rachel Murphy

Janelle Price

Cosetta Samuel

Karena Stockdale

Charla Strong

Aldina Washington

Maleta Wilson

LaShawn Denise Witt