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Elected Officers

Lydia Cyncore Templeton, Esq.
Lydia Cyncore Templeton, Esq.Regional Director
Los Angeles Alumnae
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Elected Committees

Gwendolyn Mosley
Gwendolyn MosleyMember, National Scholarship & Standards
Berkeley Bay Area Alumnae
Kathleen Christy
Kathleen ChristyMember, National Nominating Committee
Greater Salt Lake Alumnae
Barbara L. Bagneris
Barbara L. BagnerisMember, National Finance Committee
Orange County Alumnae
Julie Wilson
Julie WilsonChair, Regional Nominating Committee
San Bernardino-Riverside Area Alumnae
Christina Harris
Christina HarrisCollegiate Member, Regional Nominating Committee
Mu Eta Chapter
Corliss Bennett-McBride
Corliss Bennett-McBrideMember, Regional Nominating Committee
Inglewood Alumnae
Robin Fisher
Robin FisherMember, Regional Nominating Committee
Pomona Valley Alumnae
Diana Wallace-Hom
Diana Wallace-HomMember, Regional Nominating Committee
Lancaster Alumnae

National Leadership

Jaria Martin
Jaria MartinNational Second Vice President
Beta Psi
Lydia Cincore-Templeton, Esq.
Lydia Cincore-Templeton, Esq.Regional Director
Los Angeles Alumnae
Mary Fletcher
Mary FletcherChair, Human Resources Committee
Los Angeles Alumnae

Appointed Positions

LaTasha Dennis-Pickett
LaTasha Dennis-PickettRegional Secretary
Inglewood Alumnae
Pixie Boyden
Pixie BoydenRegional Technology & Support Chair
Pasadena Alumnae
Dr. Rachelle Guillory
Dr. Rachelle GuilloryRegional Journalist
Member At Large
Dr. La Shawn Denise Witt
Dr. La Shawn Denise WittAssistant to the Regional Journalist
Inglewood Alumnae
Mary C. Baker
Mary C. BakerWeb Mistress
Inglewood Alumnae
Cheryl Gully
Cheryl GullyRegional Program Chair
Inglewood Alumnae
La Jewel Lewis
La Jewel LewisRegional Program Co-Chair
Portland Alumnae
Rev. Dr. Patricia Wilson-Cone
Rev. Dr. Patricia Wilson-ConeRegional Chaplain
Alaska Alumnae
Rev. Dr. Denise Ogletree-Mc Quinn
Rev. Dr. Denise Ogletree-Mc QuinnCo-Chaplain
Las Vegas Alumnae
Charie Payne
Charie PayneCo-Chaplain (Collegiate)
Xi Chi Chapter
Mary C. Jones
Mary C. JonesRegional DID Coordinator
Atwater-Merced Alumnae
Lynn Carrier
Lynn CarrierRegional Membership Intake Coordinator
Sacramento Alumnae
Patricia Titus
Patricia TitusRegional Parliamentarian
Los Angeles Alumnae
Joanne Smallwood
Joanne SmallwoodCo-Parliamentarian
Sacramento Alumnae
Antoinette Porter
Antoinette PorterAssistant to the Regional Director
San Francisco Alumnae
Monique Rembert
Monique RembertAssistant to the Regional Director
Rolling Hills/Palos Verdes Alumnae
Dorothy Allen
Dorothy AllenRegional Director Support Team
Los Angeles Alumnae
Karen Evans
Karen EvansAssistant to the Regional Director
San Francisco Alumnae
Denise Dowdy
Denise DowdyAssistant to the Regional Director
Rolling Hills/Palos Verdes Alumnae
Cynthia Hunter
Cynthia HunterRegional Director Support Team
Los Angeles South Bay Alumnae
Tara La Bonnea Kea
Tara La Bonnea KeaAssistant to the Regional Director
Tokyo Alumnae
Sandra Phillips Johnson
Sandra Phillips JohnsonImmediate Past Regional Director
Las Vegas Alumnae
Mariah M. Kelly
Mariah M. KellyImmediate Past Regional Representative
Inglewood Alumnae

State Officers: Coordinators/Facilitators

Yvonne Charles
Yvonne CharlesState Coordinator, Alaska
Alaska Alumnae
Yvonne Height
Yvonne HeightState Coordinator, Arizona
Tempe Alumnae
Chinyere Oparaji
Chinyere Oparaji State Facilitator-Arizona
Iota Kappa Chapter
Britney Flemming
Britney Flemming State Coordinator - Hawaii
Hawaii Alumnae
Ruth Gadson-Smith
Ruth Gadson-SmithState Coordinator, Japan
Okinawa Alumnae
Sherell Pippen
Sherell PippenState Coordinator-Korea
Republic of Korea Alumnae
Tya R. Mathis-Coleman
Tya R. Mathis-ColemanState Coordinator, Nevada
Las Vegas Alumnae
Imani Patterson
Imani PattersonState Facilitator, Nevada
Eta Chi Chapter
Candace Hill-Lewis
Candace Hill-LewisState Coordinator, Northern Ca
San Francisco Alumnae
Zhane Gay
Zhane GayState Facilitator, Northern Ca
Eta Omega Chapter
Patricia Dickerson
Patricia DickersonState Coordinator-Oregon
Portland Alumnae
 Rene Ingram
Rene Ingram State Facilitator-Oregon
Beta Psi Chapter
Jeri Durham
Jeri Durham State Coordinator So. California
Foothill Alumnae
Frances Ibeh
Frances IbehState Facilitator So. California
Upsilon Gamma Chapter
Denise Elbert
Denise Elbert State Coordinator-Utah
Greater Salt Lake Alumnae
Donella Pearson
Donella PearsonState Coordinator, Washington State
Bellevue Alumnae
Akelia Lewis
Akelia LewisState Facilitator, Washington State
Nu Xi Chapter

Regional: Chairs/Co-Chairs & Coordinators

Stephanie Jordan
Stephanie JordanOperations Team Chair
Tacoma Alumnae
Taryn Frazier
Taryn FrazierSocial Action Regional Co-Coordinator
Pi Chapter
Katrina Dunn
Katrina DunnSocial Action Regional Co-Coordinator
Sacramento Alumnae
Belinda Marentic
Belinda MarenticAdvisor Coordinator
Las Vegas Alumnae
Gloria Kilgore
Gloria KilgoreAdvisor Co-Coordinator
Pomona Valley Alumnae
Angelique Sims
Angelique SimsAppreciation & Amenities Chair
Los Angeles Alumnae
Ginger Logan-Cannon
Ginger Logan-CannonAppreciation & Amenities Co-Chair
Orange County Alumnae
Vernette Drake
Vernette DrakeCollegiate Transition Task Force, Chair
San Jose Alumnae
Janice Semien
Janice Semien Co-Chair Collegiate Transition Task Force
Los Angeles Alumnae
Karla Noyles
Karla NoylesCollegiate Transition Task Force Co-Chair
Upsilon Xi Chapter
Cherene Sandidge
Cherene Sandidge Chair Delta Emergency Response Task Force
Contra Costa Alumnae
Katrina Dunn
Katrina DunnDelta Days In Sacramento, Chair
Sacramento Alumnae
Cynthia Hebron
Cynthia Hebron MIT Coordinator
Bakersfield Alumnae
Mary C. Jones
Mary C. JonesRegional DID Coordinator
Atwater-Merced Alumnae
Jamelle Peck
Jamelle PeckLeadership Training Co-Chair
Foothill Alumnae
Jacqueline P. Wyse
Jacqueline P. Wyse Co-Chair Woods Bailey Leadership Training Committee
Sacramento Alumnae
Katrina Anderson
Katrina AndersonLeadership Training Co-Chair
Los Angeles Alumnae
Doris Rembert
Doris RembertProtocol, Chair
Rolling Hills/Palos Verdes Alumnae
Miyana U. Pace
Miyana U. PaceProtocol, Co-ChairProtocol, Co-Chair
Los Angeles Alumnae
Marlo Smith
Marlo SmithReactivation Chair
Cerritos Alumnae
Mable Erby
Mable ErbyReactivation Co-Chair
Los Angeles South Bay Alumnae
Neelura Bell
Neelura BellReclamation & Retention Chair
Century City Alumnae
Evelyn Burton
Evelyn Burton Risk Coordinator
Oakland East Bay Alumnae
Shannon Coleman
Shannon ColemanSocial Media Coordinator
Sacramento Alumnae
Shirley Ailsworth
Shirley AilsworthSupport Our Sorors, Chair
San Francisco Alumnae
April Lampkin
April LampkinSupport Our Sorors, Co-Chair
Hayward Tri-City Alumnae
Chelsea Hayes
Chelsea HayesSpecial Projects, Chair
Los Angeles Alumnae
Aldina Washington
Aldina WashingtonChair Strategic Planning • Chapter Affiliation
Long Beach Alumnae
Jocelyn Durk
Jocelyn DurkCo-Chair Strategic Planning
Cerritos Alumnae
Joyce Guinyard
Joyce GuinyardStrategic Planning, Co-Chair
Inglewood Alumnae

Special Projects

Doris Britt
Doris BrittRed Ribbon Council
Berkeley Bay Area Alumnae
Dr. Thelma James Day
Dr. Thelma James DayRed Ribbon Council
Inglewood Alumnae
Doris Peters
Doris Peters Chair The Making of a Rose Parade Float
Los Angeles Alumnae
Juanita West-Tillman
Juanita West-TillmanCo-Chair The Making of a Rose Parade Float
Pasadena Alumnae

Mentor Team (Distinguished Deltas)

Regina Pridegon
Regina PridegonProtocol Team
San Francisco Alumnae
Rev. Sharon Hollie
Rev. Sharon HollieChaplain Council
Berkeley Bay Area Alumnae
Desdra Butler
Desdra ButlerInvestigations
Inglewood Alumnae
Patricia Reed Cunningham
Patricia Reed CunninghamSocial Action
Compton Alumnae
Elaine James
Elaine JamesPrograms
Los Angeles Alumnae